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The realization that you can help your child discover his or her Personal Best is very empowering. As parents, we want to provide the very best we can for our children. When a child is born, everything is perfect. The slate is clean and the anticipation of their potential is unlimited. We have dreams of their future and who they are going to become. We want for them to experience a life better than what we had.

Then, our hopes and dreams for our children run into daily life. We realize that, like us, our children have fears, doubts and worries. They have unanticipated insecurities that we never had, and mirror some of the same insecurities we have struggled with our whole life. They come face-to-face with a world through television, movies, social media and peer example that messages them 24/7 the opposite of what we have told them. As a result of mixed messages, what arises is questioning structure and belief in themselves. Images of who and what is “in” and “cool” and what is not becomes a tension in the back of their mind. Suddenly, we realize we are in a battle against the thousands of messages of input and their own shortcomings, and it’s a battle we can’t afford to lose.

With all this going against us, how can we insure that our children live the life we truly believe they are capable of? This book is a compilation of best practices from child psychology, personal development and the best of what we believe and reinforce every day in our character based martial arts program to help increase confidence.

It is confidence that will help them stay true to themselves, stay true to their beliefs. It is confidence that will help them follow their dreams and be happy in life. And this is what we want for our children.

Perhaps we need to lead by example; perhaps we need to make sure we are exemplifying the qualities our children need to see in order for them to gain confidence on their own. In the pages that follow are great reminders for us to instill the self-confidence we need to be successful in our own lives as well.

Take the ideas and start to implement them into your approach and communication with your children. By staying the course you can enjoy the confidence of knowing you are providing the very best guidance and support to assist them in their journey of realizing their full potential.

About the author:

Christopher Rappold, author, How to Handle the Bully at School, Mr. Media Books

Christopher Rappold, author, Be Your Personal Best: Confidence, founder, Personal Best Karate

Christopher Rappold is a master teacher, trainer and blogger who has been working with children and families for more than 25 years. He has presented bullying programs to more than 30 school districts and is a widely recognized expert at presenting safety strategies and bullying prevention in layman’s terms while also filling gaps left by educating and involving teachers, parents and school administrators.

Rappold is the founder of Personal Best Karate, martial arts schools presently located in New England, and serves as both an owner and president of the franchise. His form of teaching honors the potential of each student’s individual capabilities and works to ensure just the right level of challenge is presented so that the student can maintain sustained and lasting growth and improvement.

Rappold has been a member of Team Paul Mitchell (the top-rated sport karate team in the world) dating back to 1988 and currently serves as the team’s Executive Director. Rappold has also won the W.A.K.O. World Championship in three different weight divisions.

Publication Date: Apr 05 2016
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