Tears of Gaduhav by John Pate was a Beverly Hills Book Awards Finalist for "Best Historical Fiction," Mr. Media Books

Tears of Gaduhav by John Pate was a 2017 Beverly Hills Book Awards Finalist for “Best Historical Fiction”

When you take soldiers, plantation families, slaves, and Native Americans from their common comfort zones and thrust them into a situation where they must live and work together for their very survival, the social experiment of life itself might yield some interesting variables and outcomes such as: biases, hatred, ingenuity, self-discovery, forgiveness, and redemption. What would happen if multiple cultures clashed, purely by accident, during this upheaval in American history?

This convergence of destiny, propelled into motion by a series of unexpected events, is precisely what takes place in Tears of Gaduhav. It recounts multiple intersections of historical events and struggles, and weaves them together for a compelling result, and perhaps insight into what really happened.

More importantly, it forces the reader to come to terms with their own preconceived notions, biases, and assumptions of life during that era, by observing the participants’ struggles through the dilemma facing them. It generates an immediate comparison of the life and culture during that period versus life and culture today. In fact, it may answer more than the reader anticipated through a soul searching of sorts, to accept equality and the value of life at all levels.

Tears of Gaduhav attempts to combine a potential disaster with the condition of the human spirit, and the results are left for the reader to ponder.

About the Author

John Pate is an accomplished writer in the field of entertainment as well as academia, creating unforgettable imagery through prose, poetry, drama, comedy, music, children’s literature, and more. He has received high praise from all professional fields, including personal testimonies from the late William F. Buckley Jr., founder and chief editor of the National Review, as well as the award-winning British journalist Dan Wooding. Pate’s career spans four decades and includes numerous network television writing credits, over one hundred national television appearances, and thousands of live performances from coast to coast. John Pate credits the legendary entertainment icon, Red Skelton, for introducing and mentoring him in the field of creative writing, and was noted by Mr. Skelton as his favorite young performer and personal opening act over a period of seven years. “Tears of Gaduhav” is John Pate’s first full length novel, and will no doubt intrigue each reader to explore the numerous legends that surround this story, enticing the true southern literary enthusiast to travel with its inhabitants to the very end.

Tears of Gaduhav by John Pate, Mr. Media Books

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