You’ll Need a Guide: Fishing Stories That Aren’t Much About the Fish is a humorous account, rich with reflection on the human condition, of guided fishing trips from the McCloud River of Northern California to the Middle Bight of Andros Island. Casual readers will enjoy the wry commentary. Fly fishermen will have a belly laugh of recognition when they recognize themselves in the essays.

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“Great story… best written I’ve read, keeps your attention to the end.”

– Bill Howard, Mars Bay Lodge, Andros


“A real blast …funny stuff.”

– Captain Kevin Mihailoff, Guide, Chokoloskee, Florida


“… I have really enjoyed reading it. Superb job.”

– Captain Scott Owens, Guide, Savannah, Georgia


“… Fantastic story of our day… great writing.”

– Allan Blankenship, Guide, Weed, California


“… An enjoyable book.”

– Bob Clouser, author of Fly Fishing for Smallmouth

and fly creator, Middletown, Pennsylvania


Marshall Craig, author, You'll Need A Guide (Mr. Media Books)

Marshall Craig, author, You’ll Need A Guide (Mr. Media Books)

About the Author

Marshall Craig is a Yale University graduate and Wharton MBA who frittered much of his life away making a living and raising a family when he could have been fishing. You’ll Need a Guide is the product of a writing itch he first felt as an undergraduate on the staff of the Yale Record, the college humor magazine. The fishing stories he tells blend humor and insight with well-crafted descriptions of the places where he fishes and people he fishes with and meets along the way. They are drawn from a lifetime of wetting a line in places as different as the Blau River in Germany and the Los Roques “pancake flats” off Venezuela. Craig’s literary lodestar is Red Smith, whose iconoclastic and warm style appeared in newspaper columns for over fifty years. He and his wife, Diana, live in St. Petersburg, Florida.

For more information, please visit author Marshall Craig online: http://www.CraigLit.Life .

You'll Need A Guide by Marshall Craig, Mr. Media Books

You’ll Need A Guide by Marshall Craig, Mr. Media Books

Order your copy today by clicking HERE!