WARRIOR: A tribute to Kevin Thompson, the greatest sport martial artist of all time, is the result of his long-time teammate and friend, Christopher M. Rappold, collecting the legendary competitor’s own stories and mixing them with tributes from Kevin’s legion of friends and admirers.

Christopher M. Rappold holds a 6th Degree Black Belt in Karate and is a five-time World Champion, recently winning his third gold medal at the WAKO championship in Italy. As the Founder and CEO of Personal Best Karate, based in Norton, Massachusetts, Rappold took the attributes that made him a success in competition and integrated them with outstanding operational systems that are implemented and utilized at his centers. The Personal Best curriculum focuses on teaching character education, physical fitness, and personal protection skills to people of all ages. He is a self-disciplined person with talents and abilities that are mirrored by his students. At a local level, Rappold is the recipient of the “Friends of Children” Award as an Inspirational Role Model. More recently, he received an honorary citation from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, House of Representatives, for continued success in orchestrating the Turkey Brigade for 14 years and his dedicated support of families in need. To contact the author, please email him founder@personalbestkarate.com

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