Annigan is a world of contrast and balance in a wondrous orbit. On one side, Lumina is bathed in constant sunlight. On the other, Nocturn is cast in perpetual darkness. For thousands of years, mankind has interacted with a myriad of sentient creatures, not always peacefully. It was inevitable that once-distant civilizations would finally meet. In The Fate of Tomorrow, it happens. New alliances are forged, others are broken. As different and competing cultures converge in this rapidly changing era, a new threat arises, placing the balance of civilization’s very existence in jeopardy. Ironically, everyone’s survival in this turbulent age may just come down to an unlikely group of reluctant adventurers who must learn what it means to become heroes.

R.W. Marcus, novelist, The Fate of Tomorrow: Tales of the Annigan Cycle, Mr. Media Books

R.W. Marcus, novelist, The Fate of Tomorrow: Tales of the Annigan Cycle


R.W. Marcus has spent most of his life selling books. Along the way, he managed to become a falconer, a black belt in karate and a Freemason. He won numerous Addy Awards, including “Best of Show” and “Best of Category” for his radio advertising copy. He holds the title of Director of Incunabula and Early Printing for Griffon’s Medieval Manuscripts. It was there that he penned his first nonfiction title, The Ship of Fools to 1500, which Amazon called “an authoritative guide to one of the most popular works of secular writing.” Now he has created a new genre of fiction — Pulp Fantasy Noir — to exorcise the darker side of his general good nature. He lives in St. Petersburg, Florida.

TWITTER: @NoirRWMarcus