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Tears of Gaduhav by John Pate

Share1Tweet+1SharePin1 Shares When you take soldiers, plantation families, slaves, and Native Americans from their common comfort zones and thrust them into a situation where they must live and work together for their very survival, the social experiment of life itself… Continue Reading →

The Millionaire’s Convenient Arrangement by Jane Peden

ShareTweet+1SharePinHer worst enemy is the one man she can’t resist. Maria Martinez thought it was a dream come true when Ritchie Perez – a sweet and sexy guy she met volunteering at a soup kitchen – took her delinquent little… Continue Reading →

Floater: A Novel is return to fiction for Tony Doris!

ShareTweet+1SharePin The mangroves rustled just enough in the onshore breeze to block the hum of civilization a mile off. Camouflaged beneath the trees’ canopy by a dapple of sun and shadow, the squatter’s hutch in the untraveled reaches of Matheson… Continue Reading →

Photographic Evidence: Mr. Media Books at 2014 Festival of Reading!

ShareTweet+1SharePinThe 2014 Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading was the first time we took Mr. Media Books out in public for a spin and it was a pretty damn good day! Hanging out with two of our favorite new authors, Tony Doris (Dirt: A Novel) and John… Continue Reading →

Get some Miami Dirt — a first novel by Tony Doris

ShareTweet+1SharePin      “By 10 p.m., well into a double shift of distributing faxes, making meal runs in the Miami heat and retyping press releases, newsroom intern Madeleine Harrington felt herself dragging. She hadn’t recovered from finals, a week and… Continue Reading →

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